Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lexia 3 PP2000 Diagbox Customize Achieves on Win7/Win8

One of the Mitsubishi evoxforums forum members has realized some cool Customize setting with Lexia3 PP2000 Diagbox diagnostic interface on win 8 operating system.

Tools needs:
Lexia 3 Diagbox software
A virtual machine running Win7 or Win 8 O/S (at least 30GB RAM)

NOTE: Ensure your close any anti-virus software and other existing program, otherwise, the software data may be destroyed or lost.

Install Lexia 3 Diagbox
1) Copy the Diagbox 7.02 ISO and three files in the CD to the computer, or download them in the link here:!t1oSRCQa!BFnBi1gIFZ4cyd6MbZTsQg
The software is too large to upload. It will take you around 2-3 hours.

2) Install a virtual machine on your computer. Make sure your Win7/Win 8 system is able to mount Diagbox7.02 ISO image without other mounting software.

3) Install Diagbox-setup. exe driver.

4) Tick “Activation” mark (third option) to activate the software.

5) Manually enter the activation code: 1234567

6) The green button will prompts you to install Lexia 3 PP2000 software. Make sure your computer meets the enough RAM. Otherwise, it will fail to install. After installation complete, tick the green mark. 

7) Enter and complete the information: 6 1's in Address; 8 1's in Post Code & Car-Phone

8) Select No option to close the program

Update Lexia 3 Diagbox
9) Open the Diagbox 7.02 setup exe on the computer. It will run self upgrade automatically. Close it after complete upgrade procedure. Copy a file marked red below from the file <C:\AWRoot\bin\fi called "APPDIAG.SYS">. Then paste and save it to the desktop.

10) Run the update file one by one and run the new Diagbox.exe setup. Wait for that to finish the update. Repeat the procedures until you get the Diagbox version to V7.30 by using the access code for these updates "scary01". Restart the computer after upgrade is complete.

11) Run the Diagbox exe. setup and connect the Lexia 3 diagnostic interface to the computer and vehicle’s OBD port.
12) Select vehicle manufacture Citroen or Peugeot

13) Select Vehicle model, for example Citroen>>C-Crosser

If the window prompts "Do you want to automatically configure..." note, select No option but do not select green mark (Yes) option.

Then start to enter the ETAC Customize setting.

Select Vehicle make: Citroen
Select vehicle model: C-Crosser
Validate VIN (Check mark)

Global Test runs

Built-in System interface (BSI)

ETACS_SUV? Screen (two options offered)

Manual Configuration

Switch on Ignition' screen

Check mark
Vehicle Configuration
Programming By Default

If the system asks: “There are two ways to configure list of default parameters: Do you want to configure the default parameters automatically? “ Select NO.

Move to the next ETAC program to select corresponding options, like disable DRLs, disable TPMS, enable auto-lock with vehicle speed, re-calibrate speedometer with different size tires etc.

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