Monday, March 18, 2019

PSA Diagbox software 8.50-8.54 download: FREE, NO PASS

Free download PSA Diagbox updates 8.53 + 8.54 for installations with 8.50:

APP_Update_8.50-8.54.exe     2.98 MB      Password = Simple

firmware-BT-lpc2468-FLASH.rar     53 KB     No Password

Diagbox 7.76 software via CD     No Password, Tested OK with Lexia 3 cable

Link is provided in the attachment for "APP_Update_850-854.exe". This is intended to update Lexia and PP2000 components of DiagBox 8.50 to 8.54. 

1- Ensure you have a backup copy of the file "C:\AWRoot\bin\fi\APPDIAG.SYS" before you start. 
2- Download and execute the appropriate file for your own setup. The process will copy all necessary files to the updt folder, it will then automatically kill all associated processes to enable overwriting without conflicts.
3- Run DiagBox to start the update process and wait until DiagBox is operational. Close DiagBox and restart your computer to ensure all processes are running.

Done..! you may run DiagBox as usual.. Notice that DiagBox version will change to 07.854 after the update..

Have fun!

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