Thursday, April 18, 2019

PSA Diagbox 8.55 [v07.855] Lexia3 PP2000 on VMware12 XP Pro SP3

Content includes: VMware 12 image with XP Pro SP3 32bit English and pre-activated Diagbox 8.55 (v07.855) Multilanguage ; as well as VMware 12 image with XP Pro SP3 32bit English and pre-activated PP2000 V25 and Lexia3 V48 Multilanguage.

Part 1: VMware 12 image with XP Pro SP3 32bit English and pre-activated Diagbox 8.55 (v07.855) Multilanguage 
- VMware 12 image with XP Pro SP3 32bit English
- Diagbox 8.55 (v07.855) Multilanguage | 09/2017 (20 languages: Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Hungary, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish)
- PSA XS Evolution Interface Drivers
- PSA XS Evolution Interface Automatic Firmware 4.3.7 updating, Launcher_850 by Simple
- Diagbox Language Switcher
- Diagbox Killer
- PSA Interface Checker + All Firmware's from 2.0.1 to 4.3.7
- Backup APPDIAG.sys activation file in Desktop
Diagbox 8.55 (v07.855) Desktop-01 Diagbox 8.55 (v07.855)-02 Diagbox Language Switcher-03 Diagbox APPLI Software-04 PSA Interface Checker + Firmware 4.3.7-05

Info of Launcher_850:
Contents of the "C:\AWRoot\bin\launcher" folder, this release includes firmware versions:

LX = Lexia and PP2000
DB = DiagBox


1- Make a backup of all files in your "C:\AWRoot\bin\launcher" folder, no need to include folders inside \launcher.
2- Extract all files of the "" into "C:\AWRoot\bin\launcher" overwriting existing files.
3- Connect your XS Evolution VCI and start DiagBox
4- DiagBox will check current firmware version and (upgrade/downgrade) using the file APPLI.COM, if necessary.

To change the Firmware version, rename the desired Firmware file from APPLI_X.X.X.COM to APPLI.COM.     17.9 MB!N1kA3bza!qgrVOsWJQZJIW1QwUOXVl8MAbZuhO6gdf-EOKO3-E6M

The update function can be disabled by setting "MAJ_COM=TRUE" to "MAJ_COM=FALSE" in "C:\AWRoot\bin\Launcher\ap.ini"

In case reverting to the original setting is needed,
1- Delete all files (only) inside "C:\AWRoot\bin\launcher".
2- Restore backed-up files back to their original state.


Part 2: VMware 12 image with XP Pro SP3 32bit English and pre-activated PP2000 V25 and Lexia3 V48 Multilanguage 
- VMware 12 image with XP Pro SP3 32bit English
- PP2000 V24.99 [V25] Multilanguage (24 languages: Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Hungary, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish)
- Lexia3 V47.99 [V48] Multilanguage (20 languages: Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Hungary, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish)
- PSA XS Evolution Interface Drivers
- Lexia3/PP2000 Language Switcher
- KeyGen
Lexia3&PP2000 Desktop-06 PP2000 Language Switcher-07 Lexia3&PP2000 Desktop-06 Lexia3-09 PP2000-10

Unzip using 7-Zip and run with VMware Player version 12 onwards.
All software's activated and PSA XS Evolution interface USB drivers installed.
When open these to your VMware use "I moved it" option, then pre-activated Diagbox works. PP2000/Lexia3 might need re-activate using included KeyGen. If needed see Youtube video (, how to activate PP2000 with KeyGen (
No password required, Reputation, Thanks or Donations are appreciated!
You can change the Diagbox/Lexia3/PP2000 language using my PSA Language Switcher tools (Read details in the following parts).

VMware - Diagbox V8.55 [v07.855] 2019.03.12!sY0hAaSD!GSwZALpZDzKJey5M7HQDRg  VMware - PP2000 V24.99 [V25] & Lexia3 V47.99 [V48] 2019.03.12!wZE0UYaT!yOWkd_S2LETLiaIYZ7Jhfw

Info on PSA Language Switcher:
Under the link you can find my handy tools to change/switch PSA Diagnostic tools (DiagBox, Lexia3 and PP2000) language without installing it again.
Just download and run the xxx Language Switcher.exe tool to switch the DiagBox, Lexia3 or PP2000 language.
Tool will set DiagBox, Lexia3 or PP2000 language to what user selected and also it will change backup language to "English".

There is own tool for each program:
DiagBox Language Switcher!4Z9TmCYK!TjwLqSDAeWikutw3jj_6rSZVxjXxLAsnZwlbWGb6QIQ

Lexia3 Language Switcher!ZQl1hIQD!2TufHvwgU6Jh9eVsEX-Ojc8pvlMjZfUuV8R3slv08Bk

PP2000 Language Switcher!pEt3CACB!VR28KHD0q1ASKEcwMccyMjx84ORgVsvzEGDk-Zf6SXk

Monday, March 18, 2019

PSA Diagbox software 8.50-8.54 download: FREE, NO PASS

Free download PSA Diagbox updates 8.53 + 8.54 for installations with 8.50:

APP_Update_8.50-8.54.exe     2.98 MB      Password = Simple

firmware-BT-lpc2468-FLASH.rar     53 KB     No Password

Diagbox 7.76 software via CD     No Password, Tested OK with Lexia 3 cable

Link is provided in the attachment for "APP_Update_850-854.exe". This is intended to update Lexia and PP2000 components of DiagBox 8.50 to 8.54. 

1- Ensure you have a backup copy of the file "C:\AWRoot\bin\fi\APPDIAG.SYS" before you start. 
2- Download and execute the appropriate file for your own setup. The process will copy all necessary files to the updt folder, it will then automatically kill all associated processes to enable overwriting without conflicts.
3- Run DiagBox to start the update process and wait until DiagBox is operational. Close DiagBox and restart your computer to ensure all processes are running.

Done..! you may run DiagBox as usual.. Notice that DiagBox version will change to 07.854 after the update..

Have fun!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Lexia PP2000 Window 64 bit Installation Tips

This article show some Leixa PP2000 Window 64 bit installation tips.

The issue is that Diagbox is the main application for cars post 2006 (ish). It is also the front end for the Lexia and Peugeot Planet software diagnostic applications used for olders PSA cars Pre 2006 (ish) depending on model. The Lexia and PP software are 16 bit applications. 16 bit application software doesn’t run under a 64 bit operating system. The only way to get this to work on a 64 bit operating system, is though a VM (virtual Machine) running a 32 bit operating system . This will require a VM-supported version of the 64 Bit OS, plenty of extra memory to run the VM, a licenced copy of a 32 Bit Operating System to run under the VM etc.
If this sounds like a no no for you, then just install a 32 bit version of Windows 7. The licence keys for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 are interchangeable, so if you have the licence key for the 64 bit version of Windows 7 (which it would seem you have from your post), the key will work on the 32 bit version, as long as it is the same version (Home, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise etc.). The Windows ISO installaion files are freely and legitimately downloadable if you don’t have the installation media for the 32 bit OS.
All you need to worry about is making sure you have the 32 bit software drivers for the hardware on your Laptop already downloaded or stored on a flash drive for use later.

There are a couple of things to consider first and to understand:
1.Windows XP is of course free to download – however you will still need to purchase a valid licence to activate it – otherwise it will stop working within the 30 day period. I doubt that valid legal licences are now being sold as the operating system has long been de-supported.
2.I would instead suggest Windows 7. Again, you will need a valid licence to activate it – regardless of whether using as a stand alone Operating System or as an OS under a Virtual Machine environment under Windows 10 or similar.
3.Remember also, that if you require LEXIA specifically (for pre 2006 cars), as opposed to Diagbox, you will not be able to run it under any Windows 10 64 Bit Operating System. The Lexia – specific application (and I suspect Peugeot Planet 2000 also) is written using 16bit code and no 16 bit coded applications are supported under a 64 Bit version of Windows 10.
4.If you only need Diagbox to work then this will not be a problem.
5.Remember that a VM will need adequate physical hardware and resources such as memory to run – in addition to the host operating system. Laptops are not ideal for this as they do not generally have the resources needed. I suspect you will not be much better off than an older laptop with XP installed that has been upgraded with a bit of extra memory. See point (6)
6.One of the single most issues I see with running Diagbox on an older XP laptop is the slowdown / lag of Diagbox. You will very likely find this atttributed to Windows Update. Whenever the service is running (usually a while after startup) it can very easily make Diagbox crawl to a halt. For most people who use an older dedicated laptop just for Diagbox – and don’t clutter it up with other junk, disabling Windows Update can improve speed by 200-500% or more. As Windows XP is no longer supported, there are no more updates being supplied – so this should not be an issue for most.
You can disable it here in XP:
Start>Run>Services.msc>Automaticupdates> Double-Click and click dropdown box, select “Disabled” then click “Stop”, then click Ok.
Also, to speed up boot-time, Start>Control Panel>System>Automatic Updates(tab)>”Turn off Automatic Updates”

Sunday, January 27, 2019

PSA Diagbox V9.12 & V7.83 free download for Lexia-3

Diagbox 9.12 free download source, Diagbox 7.83 (working version) source. Also, PSA Diagbox 7.02-7.83 for Lexia 3 diagnostic tool.

Newest Diagbox_setup_v09.12.exe:!Q3gQ2BII!clyFKAaB_iYC7EV5l80yqq0EF3G3chpeV7njmyuWqPQ

Diagbox v09.12 original and unchanged.

maybe of use to someone for personal research and development.

it is offered as is and with no support from myself.

Diagbox 9.12 test result:

- I managed to install it but I can not connect it to the internet.

- version V9.12 is not, to my knowledge, usable with our probes clones because no patch yet

On the links below, you'll find everything you need for V7.xx versions; For example, I use Diagbox V7.83 : a 100% working newest version.

Diagbox V7.83

Diagbox V7.83

HW & SW requirements:

Intel Celeron/Pentium III 400 MHz,

128 MB RAM,

50MB free HDD space

USB 1.1 port (USB 2.0 recommended)

Microsoft Windows 98 SR2/2000/XP with the latest service pack installed; Windows?XP?system better.

Please setup the software according to the requirements to hardware and software. Otherwise it will fail to setup and bring you much trouble.

Part 2: PSA Diagbox 7.02-7.83 for Lexia 3 diagnostic tool

Prerequisites :
2: A Windows PC in 32Bit only if not the installation will not be complete (no 64bit !!!)
3: A current PC (java, net Framework, driver ect ...)
4: patience lol!

These are the updates of people who have worked hard to use our VCIs please respect their work Scary, Maitresox and Simple this topic only consolidates the updates in order not to pollute the forum an agreement was requested for disclose the updates you can find on this forum do not forward links to other forums without the agreement of Scary, Maitresox and Simple under pain of banishment thank you.

Three types of updates available to you Scary, Maitresox and Simple to you to choose
Here is the link for the installation tutorial made by a forum member jerome59100

Scary update section from 7.02 to 7.57
Password: scary01

DIAGBOX V7.02 complete ISO already patch


Update V7.02 to V7.06. No need for patch

Update V7.06 to V7.07. No need for patch

Update V7.07 to V7.11. No need for patch

Update V7.07 to V7.14. No need for patch

Update V7.11 to V7.15. No need for patch

Update V7.11 to V7.16. No need for patch

Update V7.16 to V7.18 no patch needed!51YUyK6b!MfrMLUtyC4noOjrJ2Zd6nnhcyuNduypR2W3EB42OJzQ v

Update V7.16 to V7.19 no need for patch

Update V7.16 to V7.20 no need for patch!XxxC2L5Q!Bw0Z-nPo9Ox9cPizbM63bjzYt4Bd5KN7WcvqSmiCUWo

Update V7.16 to V7.22 no need for patch!2oRCWZzY!Sq3Y7ioxwfuN8geLdmMks3H-K2slaoa1vap-mWUYZ8Q

Update V7.16 to V7.23 no need for patch!ZlB0CbIZ!Kzlq8zAuVVGZmcQJp7DDJlDZ7rMN4gspmuAc5JL_nqg
Update V7.16 to V7.24 no need for patch!qAkG0bLJ!TT7oP397ks_GWWpGpdbHMivYTLo5Q713jWuMjItfbUw

Update V7.24 to V7.25 no need for patch

Update V7.24 to V7.28 no need for patch!A8QVUSgA!XMqg_3WhMUZ_QC_JwC2oKCFb2p4W7Oh8GpplKM5gLzE

Update V7.24 to V7.30 no need for patch!8h4gWaoS!XeifPXY5XqaBLsWuLlBX3VZiGt4muyyHprM5FjqxysI

Update V7.24 to V7.32 no need for patch!18ZDRQBQ!Ds1VRyYHNhu19vfS4Wa7vTwczFEKts9jgyNrYesN4II

Update V7.24 to V7.33 no need for patch!NoBCTJZS!P8dzTUeO3oCU9tmDe3KAXUYJwocHl7b5jpAY4wcMzJo

Update V7.24 to V7.34 no need for patch!YgRXURiS!_OOg2c6fHz1wc9jW-FH5CXaE0AWeGcwB6aVV9Df_6kE

Update V7.24 to V7.35 no need for patch

Update V7.24 to V7.36 no need for patch!sw50Ca6Y!Q_7llhvtHUodNIwUuK-9XxA3UmVqQdvmH0APPWQnxPk

Update V7.24 to V7.37 no need for patch!B5ZmlZSY!Bn4v3pYTjIdxvJyhfOlbuhoWZwh79rgwTrzt0ycvDrg

Update V7.24 to V7.38 no need for patch!E05zVT6a!muSwRdnlxuUwfuB6uYupDX6I1_Q9Q5zT40EOWAaOV9c

Update V7.24 to V7.40 no need for patch!o9gwUSaD!Ey4nvZnosZ2C6MO9lm8gk99WcfEA33jzWCcTgojsDS8

Update V7.40 to V7.42 no need for patch!NhZUXKYa!dUzqjeTdGQRaKKXkntdMuKaMmmYaexfcIRkfVk2viig

Update V7.xx to V7.43 no need for patch (Installation possible since 7.24 and higher)!wlhnDCzA!qE5XDXK6dIJfWjMUCDTlwmhw6jxb12lJOOB36C5o65c

Update V7.40 to V7.44 no need for patch!Ex4VQbKY!YtoPM0njlYYCKRhMnTwon5Au7Wjd_V8dp1UJpT5j200

Update V7.xx to V7.44 no need for patch!pohFwYJQ!LZg70nJZfz43wx1-bf5iA2WlMe3e_g_wArfKP_S4VI0

Update V7.44 to V7.47 no need for patch!B5pCnQyS!QW2L3inGnpdYcqf2-gGEQMVvm5q4kr1BrKUmJdXO38s

Update V7.44 to V7.49 no need for patch!ExQFxK4J!CUy8JCdmFt3yv1QIdGsh3Vc7J8I9D08ZeN45hCIsAhc

Update V7.49 to V7.53 no need for patch!ttw2FB6J!kMY33r_nYIcZgu270vDoFKBmVrYt9KCVB_REX_9MfKU


Update V7.xx to V7.53 no need for patch!Y5wmxA7S!dJldYJuxR962X_cc9TCkhmsCzbnm0YS79nebE25Irn8

Update V7.49 to V7.54 no need for patch!LtwUkQ6C!5Pg9uelnH9hA_xaUHyZga-tmwFeAmf5yc011tE_IYJ8

Update V7.xx to V7.54 no need for patch!n1hDDbpb!wsqTwy6uYXjRkxN_ATeM3CGzrs2j4-iaJnR3rr0a8Ik

Update V7.49 to V7.55 no need for patch!48xgBKyK!zE8gcNOBAgdoL_8pNRQ3GjS9lr0TN4vyssfdGAfqbh4

Update V7.XX to V7.57 no need for patch!B8gWAYxY!RGeN3-CcT5fTSDQTgbO7etcgwDO6Ex03EnMOxq5bJg8

Part 2: Updated section of Maitresox from 7.02 to 7.82

DIAGBOX V7.02 complete ISO already patch


Diagbox and update 7.01 to 7.57 no need to patch LINK DEATH take that of scary Update V7.XX to V7.57 no need for patch!xpdzRATA!uSUYxCEljCMC7z8aDWXb0izjcreCy-MTro80zAMeXxg

PLEASE ASK the MP at fred9545 and thanks to him for updating the links

Update 7.57 to 7.58 no need for patch upload by fred9545!cFtXAaZY
decryption key to request in MP by having at least 20 constructive messages

Update 7.58 to 7.62 no need to patch uploaded by fred9545!xItgEDBI
decryption key to request in MP by having at least 20 constructive messages

Update 7.62 to 7.66 no need to patch uploaded by fred9545!MUFTkZDI
decryption key to request in MP by having at least 20 constructive messages

Update 7.66 to 7.74 and 7.74 to 7.76 r upload by fred9545!cZ1E0IyR!NJlBUbab
decryption key to request in MP by having at least 20 constructive messages


Update 7.76 to 7.82 (8.18) Update offline re-uploader by fred9545!FYElSLRB
decryption key to request in MP by having at least 20 constructive messages

Update section of Simple

Update 7.82 to 7.83 (8.19) Update offline!IhNFmYrD!GLyERFpKftKA...w7EG1gCUM0
The pass is: Very Simple!


Warning Diagbox only works as an administrator if you do not have a message telling you to reactivate Diagbox

Do not forget to restart the PC and restart diagbox after each update to finalize it, otherwise your diagbox will not run.

DiagBox Cleaner V7
Small utility that removes traces for reinstallation seine.

Interface Checker and driver V3!gIcwwL5A!A_xXMktbyKD55ntNmB860k1FeskxSsdLghMFBIKJdU4

Exclamation Exclamation It is advisable to save the file appdiag.sys which is in the folder awroot-bin-fi in case the activation is corrupt Exclamation Exclamation

Download preferably with Jdownloader

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lexia vs Diagbox vs Peugeot Planet PP2000

This write-up explains what the difference is among Lexia, Diagbox and Peugeot Planet PP2000, which would be a good idea for a total newbie in car diagnostics software that Lexia 3 cable required.

Both Diagbox and PP2000 are used to connect to the car's ECU and carry out diagnostics and manage settings. Which is a better software, however?

Lexia: Citroen, Planet: Peugeot, Diagbox: Citroen & Peugeot

Lexia3 - hardware

Lexia - Software for Citroen
Planet - Software for Peugeot
Diagbox - Front end which contains variations of both of the above

Diagbox is the only one which is still updated.

The hardware is currently on Revision C.

Diagbox: newer, PP2000: quicker

PP2000 and Diagbox are roughly the same thing , Diagbox being the newer software ,
PP2000 is a quicker software but will become obsolete over the next few years as Peugeot will stop using it this year ,

no point in getting PP2000 then having to change to Diagbox

Peugeot Planet: easier and faster

I have planet and also being a newbie installed planet then diagbox they both worked fine though diagbox was a lot slower (you have to start diagbox then choose planet off the option list) so basically if its just for use on your own car then using planet on its own is easier and faster though if your going to attempt using the interface on other vehicles may as well install diagbox with planet and lexia

Lexia + PP200 = Diagbox

lexia is for citreon
planet pp2000 is for peugeot

put both programmes into one software = diagbox

if your going to buy it you might as swell get diagbox which most new interfaces come with anyway.

Both Lexia & PP2000 available within Diagbox

They are the same.... the discs supplied usually contain PP2000 and Diagbox on one disc (PP2000 is also available within the Diagbox installation), and lexia for Citroens on the other. Lexia is also available within Diagbox.

So if you find an interface with rev C, the software discs will contain everything you need and more.

PP2000 on 32-bit, Diagbox on 64-bit

Planet will only run on 32-bit. Diagbox will run on 64-bit, but when you try to call Planet through Diagbox it will crash because it must have 32-bit.

What I do is install VMWare Player (free). Using that, create a virtual machine XP SP3 32-bit (you will need the disk and key). Then install Planet into that. Works well. Sounds very techy, but it is surprisingly easy, because VMWare is so well documented. When installing Planet, do not plug the Lexia interface in to the PC until prompted.

Planet & Diagbox are software Lexia cable required

The Lexia is the cable required to use the software. Only the cable.

To use the cable you will need software as well, Peugeot Planet and Diagbox are the 2 pieces of software to choose from. 

Diagbox is much newer software that supports even the latest cars. However I prefer the interface of Peugeot Planet, much easier not to get lost in there.

Generally when you buy a Lexia software will be included on a disk. As to whether it is genuine or not, you should check with the seller before purchase.