Friday, March 18, 2016

How to bleed brake for Citroen C5 with Lexia 3 Diagbox diagnostic tool

Lexia 3 V48 Diagbox V7.57 diagnostic interface

Install Lexia Diagbox software
Select Citroen in Brand selection menu
Select vehicle model: C5->C5

Click Tick mark to confirm ACTIVATION notice
Select application as LEXIA
Enter Activation code to activate

Back to APPLICATION menu and select second option
Select Diagnosis

Select Test by function

Switch off the ignition and switch it on again
Select driving aids (4th option)

Pull down the list and select road holding (ABS…)

The system is searching for the vehicle configuration

There are four options under road holding menu:
Instrument panel
Anti-lock brake system

Change Instrument panel, Injection and Anti-lock brake system to YES by click corresponding icons

Build communication with ECU
Accept Ecu ESP-MK60 Validate to continue
Accept the system pop-up message
Select “Bleeding” in next interface

Accept windows notice and follow the screen instructions
Bleeding Citroen C5 brake system procedure is complete

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